A Decentralized Initiative To Preserve Nature & Combat Climate Change

Spreading awareness, funding climate influencers, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere & more!

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Global Warrior Project

Founded and established in the USA, early 2022. The Global Warrior Project is a combined effort to spread awareness, combat climate change, and provide direct aid to communities devastated by climate change-related catastrophes, all over the world!

As a community, we all decide who and how we fund influencers and celebrities who spend their time convincing the public of the dangers of climate change. We'll also be in a position to fund nonprofit organizations and send people from within our community to provide hands-on aid to disaster-struck regions in the world. See Global Warrior QRTs (Quick Response Teams) in our White Paper below.

The Global Warrior token was designed to grow in value in many ways but still relinquish all power and control to the Global Warrior community. All token holders have the power to dictate the direction of our project, as well as where and how we spend our resources. 

Join our Telegram group below, and fight with us against climate change!

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10% Transaction Fee
3% to the liquidity pool, 3% back to token holders,
2% to marketing & 2% to our group expenses

1,000,000,000 Max Supply

500,000,000 will be in total supply,
including locked tokens

400,000,000 will be in circulation

400,000,000 will be permanently burned

The liquidity pool will be locked for 5 years

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Temporary Pre-Sale
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Our Global Warrior token is now in the presale stage. Currently, we're raising crypto to provide a large enough liquidity pool, that we can lock for extended amounts of time, and keep our prices stable when larger transactions are made. 

Anyone willing to help us in this initial phase will receive the amount of their initial investment in $GlobalWarrior tokens, the same day the liquidity pool is established, and the token is launched!

Stay on the scene and in the know! With crypto, amazing things are possible and our token and community will make the world a better place, at all costs!