Picking up where Marcus Garvey left off...

The ultimate goal of Savage Entrepreneurs spreading the knowledge and entrepreneur spirit throughout the world but definitely with African entrepreneurs living in Africa!

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Group Story

You can check our youtube but I honestly tried to join the actual African Union and help with economic development because I genuinely want to help our people. Maybe I shot too high but it landed me in front of thousands of Africans in Africa, and they basically said we don't need them, we can connect and grow on our own!

So the multiple groups were created and hopefully, we can connect, share resources and information that'll help us all.

This group was created well before we even knew Marcus Garvey held the same ambitions. Of course we've studied him, and one of his speeches has even been featured on the Savage Entrepreneurs YouTube channel but this was not planned to pick up on his legacy but it is great to know this is the right life path! So let's build!

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