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World Hunger Bombs
  • World Hunger Bombs

    Combat World Hunger with ease... or with Weapons of Mass Creation!

    Effortlessly throw these powerful World Hunger Bombs, bury your potatoes and come back months later for enough fruits and vegetables than you can take for yourself! If you leave at least 1 potato behind, they'll continue creating more and more potatoes for anyone to eat, sell or trade!


    If any World Hunger Bombs go undisturbed in nature, they'll continue growing, spreading their seed, and creating more and more fruits and vegetables for more people or small animals in the future!

    • In short, yes, but the best way to ensure the seeds survive the process of establishing their roots is to, dig a tiny hole and plug the ball directly into the earth and lightly cover it with dirt to keep the seeds from drying out. At this point, you can wet the World Hunger Bombs and get the process started, or just wait for the rain, and mother nature will take it from there! 


      *You can also soak the Spirit Bombs before planting them to ensure water penetrates the clay shell.


      The seeds are sure to be protected from squirrels or other rodents, due to the soil/clay shell. When it rains and the balls get wet, the exterior softens.

      Depending upon the amount of sunlight, the seeds will germinate and the flowers that are native, and most impactful to your environment will grow!

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