Strategize & Breakthrough Social Media!

Creative Content That Drives Engagement

In a space where there is seemingly endless content... how can we be sure anyone can break through? 

The Algorithms Want You

We're convinced these platforms are always in short supply of fresh, new content, from fresh, new creators.

We'll even argue, the social platforms want us to go viral, as much as we want us to go viral!

We believe, if the video gets the attention and engagement, the algorithm will squeeze every view it can out of the video.


Combine Psychology & Social Media


The Extra Mile

We'll help you create content that breaks through the natural barriers which keep people from engaging with strangers' posts.

People control whether our posts go viral or not, and psychology, the study of the human mind, is an old study.

After 5 years of studying how and why posts go viral, how to recreate and continue the wave of growth, on new accounts and old accounts... we're 1000% sure our way is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the world without embarrassing yourself!

We go the extra mile by sending a free lighting kit and more gifts we can't disclose publicly, but all to help each video’s potential of breaking through.

We’re also in your corner finding & sending posts and videos for you and making sure every post you put your time into, has the best chance possible to go viral!


Whatever It Takes Management!

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Gifts To Help Content

We have multiple additional items you’ll be able to choose from to help you but the main objective is making sure you have everything you need to create the best pieces of content as possible!


Robots are dumb

Going viral has nothing to do with luck. These platforms are run by algorithms, and a lot of people know how they work! We can help you own the algorithm and make it work for you!


Savages In Your Corner

We’re here with you! We're constantly on social media, scanning and posting, but after we learn more about you, we'll recommend additional things to try, along with the ways in the course! 

Viral Savages Growth Community

Get a dailly dose of motivation to stay laser-focused on your content goals!


Also, get the extra boost from the algorithm by being a part of a community that actually wants to see you grow and do good on social media!

Share your handle in the group and we'll all be in a great place to get started or keep going!

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