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About The Global Warrior Project

The Global Warrior Project was started through TikTok, by Demetrius Williams (@kingmetrius_), in early 2022.

The initial goal was to find an easy way for everyone to be beneficial in the world's effort against climate change and global warming. He knew pollinators were essential in all natural ecosystems, but the question was, how can we support the most vital insects in the world... 

Spirit Bombs were released in May 2022, since then, we've been rapidly multiplying our efforts with thousands of people getting involved, helping spread the message, and ultimately contributing to us planting over 104,000 Spirit Bombs all over America! We're absolutely making life better and making life possible for the endangered butterflies and other essential insects that keep our natural ecosystems thriving!

Join the telegram group below to get involved behind the scenes, and/or grab some Spirit Bombs and help save the world! Thanks again!

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