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10 Milkweed Spirit Bombs
  • 10 Milkweed Spirit Bombs

    Transform Your Community into a Monarch Butterfly Haven!


    Revitalizing habitats for Monarch Butterflies: Milkweed Spirit Bombs are more than just seed bombs; they are a powerful way to contribute to the conservation of the majestic Monarch butterflies. As we know, Monarchs are endangered, and their population has been declining rapidly due to habitat loss and climate change.


    A Natural Habitat Haven: Our Milkweed Spirit Bombs are filled with carefully selected native Milkweed seeds, the Monarch's favorite and vital host plant. When scattered in your garden and throughout your community, these "bombs" will explode with life, creating a natural haven for Monarch butterflies to lay their eggs and for their caterpillars to feed and grow; Weapons of Mass Creation!


    Fluttering Wings of Spirit: By planting our Spirit Bombs, you contribute to the preservation of Monarch Butterflies. Witness the delicate dance of these endangered creatures and be a part of their journey to survival by becoming a vital part of a solution to protect these beautiful creatures


    Easy and Sustainable Guerrilla Gardening For Butterflies


    Effortless Planting: Our Spirit Bombs are thoughtfully designed for hassle-free planting. Simply place them in the desired spots, wait for winter to break the seed dormancy, and watch the magic unfold. You can also “cold stratify” a few to kickstart the process, see the included Spirit Bomb Care Doc for instant results


    A Haven for Biodiversity: When Monarch butterflies thrive, they create a ripple effect that supports the overall biodiversity in your community. The milkweed also attracts other beneficial insects, ensuring plants flourish naturally. Experience the joy of watching places in your city become a thriving ecosystem


    Rewarding Moments of Wonder: Imagine the joy of seeing Monarch butterflies gracefully emerge from their chrysalides, witnessing their metamorphosis up close. Spirit Bombs offer you and your family countless rewarding moments of wonder, deepening your connection with nature and its extraordinary cycles of life


    A Journey of Transformation and Connection


    Educational Delight: Our Spirit Bombs not only attract Monarch Butterflies but also provide an educational experience for all ages. Watch in wonder as caterpillars transform into chrysalides and emerge as elegant butterflies, teaching us the beauty of nature's life cycles.


    Timeless Family Bonding: Create cherished memories with your family as you embark on this magical journey together. Share in the excitement of caterpillar sightings and the joy of seeing butterflies take flight. Our Spirit Bombs foster moments of connection with nature and each other


    Spreading Wings of Awareness: The impact of your order goes beyond the beauty of your garden. It's an opportunity to spark conversations and raise awareness about the importance of conserving Monarch butterflies and their habitat. When friends and neighbors witness the transformation in your garden, they'll be inspired to join the cause and create additional waves of positive change


    A Gift to Future Generations: By planting Spirit Bombs, you're not only investing in the survival of Monarch butterflies today, but you're also leaving a legacy for future generations. As the Monarchs thrive, they will continue their awe-inspiring migration, delighting billions around the world every year, with their mesmerizing beauty


    Gift of Inspiration: Share the magic with loved ones and gift them a touch of butterfly enchantment. Our Spirit Bombs make for a unique and thoughtful present, igniting inspiration and love for these incredible creatures in the hearts of your friends and family

    • In short, yes, but the best way to ensure the seeds survive the process of establishing their roots is to, dig a tiny hole and plug the ball directly into the earth and lightly cover it with dirt to keep the seeds from drying out. At this point, you can wet the Spirit Bombs and get the process started, or just wait for the rain, and mother nature will take it from there! 


      *You can also soak the Spirit Bombs before planting them to ensure water penetrates the clay shell.


      The seeds are sure to be protected from squirrels or other rodents, due to the soil/clay shell. When it rains and the balls get wet, the exterior softens.

      Depending upon the amount of sunlight, the seeds will germinate and the flowers that are native, and most impactful to your environment will grow!

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