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Swamp Milkweed Spirit Bombs
  • Swamp Milkweed Spirit Bombs

    Revitalize Butterfly Habitats with Swamp Milkweed Spirit Bombs!


    Preserve the Majesty of Monarch Butterflies: In a world where the enchanting flight of Monarch Butterflies faces extinction, our Swamp Milkweed Spirit Bombs provide a lifeline to these graceful creatures. Crafted with a deep understanding of their delicate ecosystem, these bombs serve a vital purpose – to nourish and revive their natural habitats.


    Nourish Monarch Butterflies' Habitat and Food Source: The Swamp Milkweed Spirit Bombs are infused with an irresistible blend of milkweed seeds and nurturing soil, ensuring a bountiful growth of milkweed – the sole food source of Monarch caterpillars. By planting these seeds, you not only create a picturesque landscape but also offer a haven for Monarchs to feed and lay their eggs.


    A Journey of Metamorphosis Unfolded: Attracting Monarch Butterflies to your garden is just the beginning of a remarkable journey. As the milkweed sprouts from the Spirit Bombs, you'll soon find yourself captivated by the sight of Monarch caterpillars voraciously munching on the leaves.


    Witness the Miracle of Transformation: From there, the magic of metamorphosis unfolds before your eyes – the caterpillars pupate and transform into majestic chrysalises, shimmering with golden accents. Finally, emerging as fully-fledged butterflies, their striking orange and black wings will grace your garden as they embark on their extraordinary migratory journey.


    Be an Agent of Change: With every Swamp Milkweed Spirit Bomb you sow or throw, you contribute to the conservation of not only Monarch Butterflies but also countless other pollinators. As Monarchs thrive, they play a pivotal role in pollinating various flowering plants, perpetuating the circle of life for all creatures dependent on these plants.


    A Ripple Effect of Conservation: Your decision to invest in Swamp Milkweed Spirit Bombs sends ripples of positive change across the ecosystem. By creating a pollinator-friendly environment, you foster biodiversity, protect native plants, and encourage the presence of other beneficial insects in your garden and community.


    Gift of Inspiration: Share the magic with loved ones and gift them a touch of butterfly enchantment. Our Butterfly Weed Spirit Bombs make for a unique and thoughtful present, igniting inspiration and love for these incredible creatures in the hearts of your friends and family.

    • In short, yes, but the best way to ensure the seeds survive the process of establishing their roots is to, dig a tiny hole and plug the ball directly into the earth and lightly cover it with dirt to keep the seeds from drying out. At this point, you can wet the Spirit Bombs and get the process started, or just wait for the rain, and mother nature will take it from there! 


      *You can also soak the Spirit Bombs before planting them to ensure water penetrates the clay shell.


      The seeds are sure to be protected from squirrels or other rodents, due to the soil/clay shell. When it rains and the balls get wet, the exterior softens.

      Depending upon the amount of sunlight, the seeds will germinate and the flowers that are native, and most impactful to your environment will grow!

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