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DIY Spirit Bomb Kit
  • DIY Spirit Bomb Kit

    Gather the family and get your hands dirty for the planet! 

    Making Spirit Bombs for endangered pollinators native to your area and traveling through, bolstering natural ecosystems for generations to come!


    • 25+ Spirit Bomb Kit (5oz of treated soil, 10oz of cured clay, and .5 grams of seeds, 70-100 native Milkweed wildflower seeds)!
    • 50+ Spirit Bomb Kit (10oz of treated soil, 20oz of cured clay, and 1 gram of seeds, 140-200 native Milkweed wildflower seeds)!
    • 100+ Spirit Bomb Kit (20oz of treated soil, 40oz of cured clay, and 2 grams of seeds, 280-400 native Milkweed wildflower seeds)!
    • 1/3 - 1/2 cup of water (for 25+ Spirit Bomb Kit)
    • A tray, or a flat side of a cardboard box, to contain the mess and transport wet Spirit Bombs in the sunlight to dry. 
    • Gloves (optional)


    Easy steps to DIY Spirit Bombs!

    • Open the bag and remove the seeds, instructions, and Spirit Bomb Care Options Document
    • Close the bag and shake it up to mix the soil and clay
    • Dump the Spirit Bomb mix in a pile on your tray or flat piece of cardboard 
    • Slowly start adding a little water at a time, careful not to add too much water causing the mixture to become too wet to be molded. (Add a little dry dirt from the earth if the mixture is too wet to mold)
    • Separate the mud into small mud sections (see images)
    • Gently press your finger in the center of the mud sections to make a nice bed for the seeds 
    • Place 3+ seeds in each mud section
    • Cover the seeds by closing the mud over, or by pulling half the mud from the bottom and placing it on the top
    • Gently roll the mud into a ball with the palm of your hands or with your fingertips
    • Place the wet Spirit Bombs on the tray or cardboard 
    • Transport them out in the sunlight for 4-6 hours, (12-24 hours if it's overcast)
    • Place your dry Spirit Bombs back in the Spirit Bomb Kit bag
    • Enjoy Spirit Bombing your city! 


    Repeat the process if you saved soil, clay, and seeds, and make as many Spirit Bombs as you can!

    Combatting the worst drought in human history by regrowing essential flowers!


    Providing food and habitat ensures the future life cycles of millions of pollinators and plants! After years of unimpeded growth, we can expect these flowers to naturally spread their seed, either by wind or by a small animal like a bird or squirrel. Naturally replenishing your state with strong, long-living flowers that support pollinators!

    With your help, we’ll ensure the world’s greatest pollinators have thousands of new sources of food, and new habitats that’ll grow an unfathomable amount of pollinators! Which will grow thousands of plants and trees, that sequester carbon from the atmosphere and actually cool the earth! All because you took action into your own hands!

    • In short, yes, but the best way to ensure the seeds survive the process of establishing their roots is to dig a tiny hole and plug the ball directly into the earth.

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